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#Just Show Up -What it means to me for 2020

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Life has changed significantly for me. I am recovering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from an accident and then six months later had a stroke so my life has changed a great deal.  The world has changed as well and the tech world is not the same.   I am attempting to “just show up” to determine if I can return to my passion of working as a freelance web developer, tech trainer and virtual assistant.  I had to learn to walk, talk, and do daily living tasks, not just once but twice. I had to shut down all of my web sites, social media accounts, and courses due my disability.  Now I am wanting to “just show up” more publicly. 

I know that I have knowledge and skills to offer to the world.  I care are about giving value to others and helping others.  I  know that I can be of service to others.  I just have to take things in very baby steps to rebuild my life and business.  I am going to start by “just showing up” and doing the best that I can as I recover and figure out what my new normal is.   I am facing my fears and letting go of beliefs that no longer are important.


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