Stories in Miniature Course


During the next three months I want to work on my story writing skills. I know that my writing skills could use some improvement to stop being so boring and dull.

I am going to start with keeping a writing journal, complete a self-paced course from a writer that I admire (Hanneke) and see how much I can improve. I keep a journal of tech related updates for the various sites I manage but have not done personal journaling.

I recently purchased STORIES in MINIATURE, a self-paced new course from Hanneke of Enchanted Marketing, who I have bought writing courses from in the past. I really like her training style and content. It’s currently on Early Bird pricing discount so grab it to save some money while you can.

I really admire and have followed Hanneke for years so you should check it out and see if her style and training courses will meet your needs.

sign up or find out more information.

Graphic used on this post is credited to Hanneke of Enchanting Marketing

Get the full course details here


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