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Workflowy for getting thoughts and ideas organized

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I have used Workflowy for years for making lists and organizing things I don’t want to forget. I have both the local install and the browser version available on all of my devices so if I need to make a note  I can quickly make an entry in Workflowy.

For years I have been making lists of my thoughts and tasks and have them organized for quick lookup if needed. I know that I am not using many of the features of Workflowy but know that I can’t be without it every day. Maybe this year of 2022 I will learn to use some of the advanced features that are included with Workflowy. Just a matter of taking the time to increase my skills for this great tool.

I recently purchased a new book called JOURNALING in WORKFLOWY: Get Unstuck and Create a Life Routine by  one of the creators of Workflowy – Frank Degenaar  

Since I am s0rt of journalling anyway perhaps being a littel more organized might prove valueable. What follows if a brief description of the book called JOURNALING in WORKFLOWY: Get Unstuck and Create a Life Routine 

  • Take a deep dive into the mechanics of why journaling works – which once laid out, you’ll understand how elemental it is. How non-technical it is. How embarrassingly effortless it is… and that the simple act of journaling sets in motion changes that lead to watershed moments. I’ve set out to connect the dots – so that you can crack the journaling code, so to speak.

  • Join me for an entertaining journey into how exactly journaling brings clarity and focus.

  • Understand the relationship between journaling and motivation.

  • Learn how to come unstuck in any area of your life that you’re wheel spinning in.

  • Build the sustainable life routine you want, incrementally, from the ground up.

  • Integrate journaling with your WorkFlowy calendar and daily planner. Even if You Have Zero Willpower to Begin With)


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