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I follow Patti Digh as for writing, inclusion and being a decent human.

Patti Digh is an author, speaker, and educator who builds inclusive learning communities and gets to the heart of difficult topics like diversity, inclusion, and meaning.

I subscribe to and follow Patti Digh who I think is one the greatest human beings on earth. Her books, her Facebook posts, courses, and her dedication to kindness and inclusion as well as her writing skills is at the top of my list for people to follow and support.

She is an Author of 8 books on global leadership and diversity, mindfulness and intentional living, and writing. I own a few of them.

I recently noticed and was impressed with how she writes the most effective descriptions for images that she includes in her Facebook posts.  These are top notch descriptions that describe what each photo is about and would allow anyone to visually see the image in on their head or mind. These are so helpful for the disabled,  for folks who use a screen reader or have other visual issues.  These are definitely top notch examples of making things more accessible for everyone. More people should follow her example.

I love her sense of humor and her determination to make the world a better place for all people.
I strive to be more like her. Now if I could only write and share my feelings and thoughts as well and as openly as she does.  I am practicing everyday.

I want to improve my writing, communication, web design and development skills. A huge part of having a freelance business is the content that is on the site. The technical details also matter. All of these can be learned. Making great descriptions and using alt tags for photos and images is a simple thing that everyone should pay more attention to. Being disabled myself it is important.

If you want to see excellent examples of great descriptions and alt text for photos and graphics and get a sense of what yours should look like check out these examples from Patti Digh .  I directly copied from her work to share examples in this post.

(PD: Photo of Kate McKinnon in the front seat of a blue truck, leaning against the door and wearing blue jeans and a blue denim buttoned down shirt that is not very buttoned. She is looking right at the camera with amazing blue eyes rimmed in smoky eyeliner, and she appears to be saying, “Patti, I can’t wait to meet you.”) 
The photo included in her Facebook post was this photo of Kate McKinnon.

Another example of how she writes descriptions for disability and inclusion follows .

(PD: photo of actress and humanitarian Betty White against a light turquoise background. She is looking into the camera wearing a purple sweater and multicolored scarf. Her hands are crossed at chin level and she is wearing big rose-colored glasses with happy Birthday written across the top and plastic candles above the writing. Her dimples are adorable.)


Excellent descriptions of the photos!!! Only takes a few minutes to be more accessible descriptions for alt tags for the PD descriptions.


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