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What and Who do I follow and read? Part 1



I routinely read and follow the following news in my mailbox:

Morning Brew – (referral link) because it’s an awesome daily email that delivers the top business news in a way that’s informative and entertaining. Best of all, it’s free, and only takes 5 minutes to read each morning. Love the jokes, puzzles and style of writing. Offers swag for referral links too.

New York Times – I subscribe to the newspaper’s electronic daily so it is always in my inbox.  Maybe it is because I am from New York State or because I have fond memories of the thick and heavy newspaper being thrown off the truck and I got the first copy to I  read while waiting for my car pool ride to college. Or maybe it is memories of that huge bundle of paper that my father brought home off after working all night outdoors – which sometimes came with a bag of piping hot donuts from the local bakery. Or maybe it is due to the fond memory of all of the colorful attachments and comics and different sections. The electronic weekly special at $4.00 a week is worth it to me.  Saddened that the current paper version is no where near as thick as it was when I was younger.  Things change and there are few newspapers published anymore. But the electronic version lets me read full articles, get new recipes, and stay informed about what is happening in the world.

I always read the following e-newsletters from fellow techies as a priority and have them flagged as important to read:

Chris Lema – who is highly respected for coding and leadership skills. I learned WooCommerce skills from Chris Lema and admire his Q&A offers and how he supports others with trust, caring and competence. I follow his advise and love his presntations at various WordCamps.

BlogAid – MaAnna created several excellent courses and trainings for webmasters, SEO, and bloggers on improving digital skills and websites. Her courses on Gutenberg and SEO are outstanding. MaAnna is someone you can trust with techie stuff to improve your site and business. If I were just starting out learning web development stuff I would follow MaAnna for sure.

Shane McLaugh – of ThriveThemes.com fame and his focusandaction.com and for his courses and newsletters. As founder of Thrive Themes – Shane ​McLaugh and Paul McCarthy, they came together to create the brand in 2013. I’ve followed it ever and have been a supporter for years. He and his teams have mastered conversion based training and education. 


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