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Vent about a live I watched today

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This morning I watched a live stream, from a person who I have been following for quite a while, who specializes in creating courses for the internet. I was extremely disappointed in the session and will need to think about if I will continue to recommend this expert.

I could not help but notice the differences when I compared this live stream with another live stream that I had watched on the same topic, the day before, from a different person who was also an expert in creating courses on the internet.  The differences were HUGE.

While the tools used for live streaming were different and each presenter had technical difficulties the way that they were handled the learning in the livestream what the presenter did to deal with the issues were very different. One made me feel like they really wanted me to participate and to learn and ask questions. They came across as very human and humble but were just affected by the tech gremlin that was out of their control. The other person was more focused on themselves and how to boost their own reputation and ignored the issues that class participants were having during the course. It was as if the students were not important at all and our questions and concerns were just ignored. There was no offer for fixing the issue and or a retake of the course at another time since the tech issues were serious enough that it impacts the whole training. HUGE Difference!!!

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