Start Finishing….



I need to start finishing things.  I bought a book called START FINISHING – How to go from Idea to Done by Charlie Gilkey.

Of course I did not finish reading it . YET!  I am working on it …..

I have been a follower of Charlie Gilkey for a number of years, having purchased his planners when I was working the day job and found them so helpful and useful. Life is very different now so I have gotten out of the habit of finishing what I started.  Working on changing and getting back into a routine of productive habits.

Charlie Gilkey stays on the short list of people to follow and stay on mailing list for blog posts.
His website is :

I recommend his planners and his courses. I bought his Planners on a regular basis back when I was working and when it was so important to multi-task, meet deadlines, and complete work related tasks.  Now I need to  revisit and start finishing again since life is very different now. His website includes free planners that you can download to check out if they would work for you.

I need to focus on what is important now and overcome my procrastination. I need to start finishing….




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