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Huge Disappointment so I cancelled…

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I recently cancelled my subscription for Active Campaign that I had paid for for mailing services. Customer Service and Technical support service was so bad. I have been a customer for several years and used to think of them as a premium provider. Not any longer!!

Since January 2023 I have been unable to log in to my paid account to use my paid account. I was unable to reset the password for the account and log in. Requests for help went unanswered. Phone calls left me on hold for hours or sent me into voice mail hell. Never got a return call.
I spend hours troubleshooting and trying to log in and reset my password, I make numerous support tickets to my internet provider, and checked on everything possible thing that might have prevented me from resetting password. I tired in every browser and cleared cache on the server and laptop. I even gave written permission with the necessary personal details for them to access my account and reset the password for me. NOPE – nothing is blocking or preventing reset of password. Still can’t log in. Still no assistance in resetting password. But I can get emails to purchase more services or to attend something hundreds of miles away for more money so the email is in the database for their marketing messages.

Tickets and requests for assistance went unanswered for weeks. When they were responded to they only contained a ticket number to log in to see the response. They just did not understand that I could not log in to see the response. Email responses to the notice of making a ticket only contained directions to log in to get help. Replying to those ticket notices did not produce anything except to assign a new Customer Support Person who failed to provide assistance and only stated they would refer the issue for technical support. Still no support or response. I can repeat the canned responses about how sorry they are and they will help (so not true).

After four months of lack of assistance I requested to cancel and get refund and informed them I will never recommend Active Campaign again. Of course they have not refunded me.
They took my money, did not help me to use the paid service and I lost all of the customer information that I had collected for years. Never again – so disappointed I cancelled and have publicly posted in this blog that I will no longer recommend them to anyone.

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