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Sitepoint for learning techy stuff and digital coding



Sitepoint.com is a excellent resource for gaining techy knowledge and information. You should check it out. It’s got coding books that you won’t find without spending hours googling for information.  You don’t have to spend tons of money since you can get them digitally Sitepoint.com resources even have do practice exercises as you learn.   I renew every year and add more resources to my personal library on a regular basis.  I am geeky like that. I like to read and I like to practice tech stuff on the computer and tablet and phone.

Sitepoint is a favorite “go-to source” for books and information related to coding and programing. I have been a paid member for a number of years. I have purchased many resources after using the digital version and finding so much value in the resorces from my annual memebership. I have a whole bookshelf of many softcover books that I purchased that are my go to resources.  I still like actual books when I get stuck and am trying to troubleshoot a code or design that doesn’t work and I need help. Over the years my membership in Sitepoint  helped form the foundation for my coding skills and knowledge base.

Every year Sitepoint offers a BlackFriday and CyberMonday savings deal for membership.  If you missed the sale price I would encourage you to at least get on the mailing list for some free newsletters. Then you can get notices of the discount and new resources.

Sitepoint also offers a great Christmas sale so it’s perfect for giving as a gift to your techy friends. Every year in December they run a number of awesome discounts on SitePoint ebooks, courses, print books and a bunch of other items. If you are on my mailing list I’ll be sending you a reminder with the details.  I ask for books for personal presents since I am a geek.

As a SitePoint member you get:

  • 12 months access to the entire library of 400+ books and courses worth over $5,000 retail regular price
  • Content from the world’s best technology publishers including Wiley, Smashing Magazine, A Book Apart, Packt and SitePoint.
  • Offline reading on any compatible device, in-book live coding, bookmarking and search.
  • New content arriving often so you can stay up to date with best coding changes and upgrades to the various platforms and tools.

I renew my membership every year. Check it out for yourself with my affiliate link to Sitepoint

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