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There are so many site builders out there it is really hard to chose and it comes down to “it all depends” on what you are trying to accomplish and what one you personally like to use.  Each brand of builder has has advantages and disadvantages. Builders can provide cleaner code, drag and drop features,  more or less bloat, fewer or more conflicts with other plugins. They can save you time or make you spend more time to accomplish things. They can be be non-coders or folks comfortable with making changes to CSS- HTML and Java. Folks generally try a few and settle on a favorite one or two to add to the personal tool chest collection of site building a website.

I think I have tried all of the major builders over the years in attempts to save time and have less coding tasks and allow more customization of themes and site layouts. Recently I have been informed of lots of new players coming into the market since so many people are now trying to

Builders I have used include for or self hosted sites:

Beaver Builder

My current favorite is ThriveThemes Architect.





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