Keep the Ship Afloat by Clicking Links


For transparency, if you click on a link from this website it’s likely an affiliate link. Help me to “keep this ship afloat”.

What that means is that I am participating in advertising or affilate programs that are designed to reward me with a small commission for making a recommendations for a product or service.  If you click on the link I get rewarded with a few cents if you make a purchase for that product or service.

I’d feel icky giving out affiliate links to products I don’t like or use, so rest assured, if it is an affiliate link, it’s a product or service I wholeheartedly recommend and  have bought for myself in the past. I review my list of affiliates regularly and remove links that I no longer use or I have discovered business practices I don’t support.

The latest list by name is HERE

If you don’t like to use affiliate links, just Google the product information yourself to find out more details. It’s okay if you don’t want to use my link I will still help you if I am able to.

I use these small commissions to help me to cover the costs of having a website and internet access.  This allows me to offer no cost or obligations information to others so I can be of service to others. I was lucky enough to have good mentors when I was learning digital skills so I like to freely give back to others when I am able. I believe in “passing it forward”.

It is the law that policies must be published on a site so you can find all of details for all of the policies and the terms for use of this site in full detail  in the footer of each page on the website and also by these direct links to the individual pages here:

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