Recommended Hosting for 2020



I recommend the following hosting providers for your site:



Choosing which one is best for you needs to be based on what you need and what you are trying to accomplish. I recommend you consider some of these factors and do a comparison based on these points:

1. Price – you get what you pay for. Cheap hosting causes lots of problems. Don’t fall for the deals where the first year is really cheap because the next year the renewal price will give you a heart attack and be huge. If you want to go this route plan on migrating your site to a new host/plan every year.

2. Know what  a “managed plan” includes and what it covers.
There are some misleading promotions for what a “managed” plan is for updates, backups, upgrades and performance. There is a real difference between what is included in a true “managed plan”. Some managed plans really are not managed plans at all and you still have to do everything yourself including all updates, backup and fixes. Also there is a difference between Shared, VPS, and Cloud Dedicated plans

3. Customer Support – choose a place that offers live support, chat, email and is open 24/7 and responds timely and goes out of the way to help you as the customer and to make things as easy as possible for non-tech customers and your individual needs.

3. Look at the Geeky details – there is a real difference in performance, security, and specs in the servers so compare the details of what is included in the plan. Some include email, some do not, some include free software and applications and some do not. If a server is overcrowded it will cause nothing but problems and headaches and frustrations. Some include free domain registration, SSL certificates and hacking protection. There are lots of variations to be looked at and considered.

I would be more than willing to offer a custom recommendation for what you are looking in a free consultation. You can’t go wrong with any of the above short list of recommended providers when you are just starting out. As your site grows you can update what is include in your hosting package or change to a another. You can move your site to fit your needs and budget as your site grows. Simply by changing plans to a better host it often improves outcomes for your site.

If you are not sure how to do this your self or if you want a guiding hand please contact me. I can do it for you at very reasonable rates or even for free in return for a testimonial for my site.



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