Planning in 2021



Everyone seems to be promoting a planner for the new year. There are so many choices and price ranges.  My mailbox got stuffed full with all sorts of offers.  I think I have tried lots of different layouts and brands over the years.  The dilemma of trying to have a digital version and a paper version has always been a challenge.  Many of the products have appeal for a certain styling and or components.  I have always seemed to cobb something together that works that is a mashed up mess.  Nothing really fits because things change so quickly and focus is hard.

I still recommend and use a free annual tool that helps look back at what worked and what did not work. It helps me stay on track every year as I start planning for what to keep or do differently.

The Year Compass

Licenses under a Creative Commons Attribution-non commerical-sharealike 4.0 license

The Year Ahead – 20 pages in full size format. Also available in booklet format and other languages.


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