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It’s Monday and another new week.

Reflecting on progress and roadblocks. I work at a different pace now and I always seem to feel like things are unfinished and I could have done better or more.

Raked leaves and got the big pile of leaves taken care of for winter. There was a nice day this past week to be outside and the wind was not too bad for controlling the blow away leaves.  Got one section done but still have lots more to deal with.

Got the peonies trimmed and ready for winter and mulched around the peony tree and mulched the new rhubarb plants in the garden.  Got the mint and rosemary from the garden cut for the last time and put up for drying

Tried a new recipe for Cream Biscuits and tried a recipe for Moosehunters Cookies.  Both were a disappointment for what I was expecting but both recipes will get added to the Collection website.

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