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Local by Flywheel is now free for all

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“Local by Flywheel” is now free for all.  Flywheel has recently announced that it has upgraded the features that are included in the application they created for working locally on a website. This is great news and will save money for folks who work in a local version of a WordPress site on their computer before migrating to a live site hosting provider.

Before this announcement, July 2021, there was a charge to have the PRO version of the application that had a monthly charge to get all of the features. ,Now all features are free and included.

Local tools and features, including those formerly only available with a paid Local Pro subscription, are now free and available to all Local users. Live Links Pro, Instant Reload, Link Checker, and MagicSync are all now available by default in the Local app and available to use with a free Local account.

In addition to Local Pro for everyone, we’re also launching our Cloud Backups Add-on! This add-on allows users to create secure backups of any project, offering connections to Google Drive and Dropbox. Simply connect your Local account to your cloud storage provider and begin backing up your sites to avoid lost work and easily restore sites to a known state.

Flywheel continues to be one of the sites I include on my recommended list for hosting options.

Note: I have helped many new web designers with install issues over the years. I have heard that some people have difficulty installing Local Pro on their computer. Most times this is due to the actual hardware and settings of the computer.  Sometimes just a change to some of the settings in the BIOS fixes it. I would be glad to troubleshoot if you contact me.  Flywheel has support is also great.





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