Learning to Blog Better

I have been doing some research and comparisons for what is out there to improve the writing of blog posts. It’s been interesting to compare the current offerings of on-line courses that are being promoted and recommended by folks. There are lots of folks who claim to have earned massive amounts of money by offering writing courses. There are many people who are offering different trainings and price points for blogging and writing courses. Some are specific to a certain niche and others are more general or targeted specifically to people who want to write and sell a book.

Since I have been around for a while, I have purchased a few courses and trainings over time. Some were worth the money I paid for the course.  Many were not helpful in making my own writing improve. I am exploring what is different now that the world has changed and virtual learning has changed.  Writing has changed due to overwhelm and too many choices. Writing courses used to be a more passive sort of thing of just reading recommendations for grammar, engagement and flow of words.  Now there are lots more “packages” of content, webinars, dripped e-mails, videos, and some offer actual personal recommendations for improvement. Some include downloadable resources and yet others ignore accessibility of content or the ability to have a good internet connection. There is a wide difference in the quality of courses being offered. Writing and blogging has changed. It’s hard to stand out and get a loyal following to make it worth the time it takes to create content.

Learning how to captivate, educate, and inspire readers has changed. Some offers make you go thru a sales funnel with the main goal of selling you something with various price points. The sales funnel is focused on telling you how great the course author is and how “you too can make millions writing like they have”.  Others are more genuine with a course that offers solid content for education, some actual practice exercises of the skills and concepts being taught, flexible templates to shape ideas and even get specific feedback from the course instructor. Some courses are from authors who have great coaching skills, great guided activities, and some are downright just a sales pitch to get you to buy.

My favorites so far in my research are:

Henneke Duistermaat who has several books and courses related to writing on her site Enchanting Marketing 

She still comes out as one of my top recommendations for writing better business content. She is one of the best business writing coaches that is out there and she has solid teaching and coaching skills.

She has a new blog-writing course called Enchanting Blog Writing and offers several books thru eBook formats. I have purchased several of her books and several of her courses. I love her style and her way with words. Her art work is amazing too.  I only wish she had an affiliate program so that I could earn some tips off the recommendation to buy and use her books and suggestions.


Men With Pens by James Chartrand
James Chartrand is the founder and owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words.  She (yes, she) manages the entire team with quick wit and a level head, personally overseeing every single client project for high-quality results.  Damn Fine Words opens twice a year, in February and September. This was one of the first writing courses I bought years ago and it has been updated and is current for the times.

I am currently reviewing my past purchases for writing courses and trying to establish a daily writing habit. It’s still a struggle to have this daily habit but it is getting easier. My inner critic still is present that keeps throwing up road blocks to get over. I still hate having my picture taken and still hate putting stuff out there for internet trolls to attack.