Is it just me?

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Is it just me or are other people getting volumes of offensive phishing spammy messages?

It seems like recently I am getting way too many offensive messages every day for having sexual partners and sharing nude pictures of people I have no interest in having any sort of relationship with.

Of course I am blocking these messages and deleting them but it seems that the spammers have found a new trick or two.  I have already blocked the IP addresses of the sources of these messages and reported them to Google. These are very obvious phishing attempts that the sender thinks I am stupid enough to click on.

Some bot or person thinks that I would be interested in or cater to these subjects. They are so WRONG.
I also have seen an increase in the brute force attacks to various sites and my mail filters are working extra hard to deal with these crazy messages. Just wondering if it just me.  Don’t think so but wanted to ask what others are experiencing.


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