Free Metal Scrap Removal in the Finger Lakes

pile of scrapmetal


I recently took advantage of a free metal scrap removal service to get rid of some metal stuff that we no longer wanted around.  JayJay and Chance (two brothers) started a scrap metal business since they were needing to produce income after the Covid affected most employment options in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. They did an excellent job of removing an old wood stove, old freezer, broken exercise bicycle, assorted old lawnmowers, broken bicycles, old kitchen sink, broken water pumps, assorted metal pipes. They took things that just sitting around in our barn and cellar after we  had done house renovation many years ago. Yep – been trying to deal with years of accumulation of stuff around the house and barn.

They are just starting up in business and helped me out a great deal. I would recommend you give them a call to see if they can help you with their free service of removing metal scrap.

Check out the web site (which is in the process of being created)

Cell Phone: 585-794-0141


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