Follow Series – Who I follow – Brian Gardner

Who I follow series  – a series of people/sites that I follow in no particular order or ranking. This series was created in response to a frequently asked question of who I follow for coding, web development, training, teaching.  I thought creating a series of posts would be a good way to respond to this question. 

I follow Brian Gardner and have for many years. It’s been since 2006-2007 that I first learned his name and what sort of things he created. He is a theme developer and entrepreneur.   Ever since I was first learning how to code and creating those early websites in WordPress I have been impressed with this man. He is certainly someone to follow.

I bought his first themes that were sold under the Revolution brand. I stuck with him as he needed to re=brand and as he grew and created more themes and more off shoots. He really created the revolution in the world of themes and how they were sold. I have followed him thru his re-brand to StudioPress and continue to follow his work as he has branched out in out projects and endeavors.

I think I have bought every one of the themes he ever created. While learning from him I also virtually met a lot of other great WordPress developers along the way from his collaborates and recommendations. I have attempted to model his work but I an no where in his league. I will never be as successful or as well known but that is okay with me.  My life and my goals have certainly changed over time as well as what is important in my life.

He recently announced a new theme called FROST and of course I immediately signed up to be able to get my fingers on his latest theme.  It is a theme that has been developed to take advantage of the block editor in WordPress and offers many features that I have had on my wish list.

Can’t wait for the release of his latest theme which is called FROST.  Demo page is here

Brian Gardner