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I really like to use the procrastination discernment flow chart from Jennifer Louden. I have followed her for several years and find her books, books and advice very valuable. I have this flowchart posted to look at when I get to avoiding taking action. I got the chart from her newsletter back in 2019 when I had hoped to attend a  workshop with her. Read the original post with some suggestions for how to deal with procrastination at this link here.

Things have changed so much and I never got to attend the workshop with Jen.
I still procrastinate but am trying to determine why and what I might do differently to move forward and get things finished.

I use this procrastination discernment flow chart from Jennifer Louden. Because we all procrastinate for different reasons. It is helpful to know WHY we are procrastinating to know what to do differently. Oh her website she goes into more details and offers some great suggestions in how to understand and overcome.

Her book is a great resource too. WHY BOTHER – Discover the Desire for What is Next  available in e-book format as well as paperback.


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