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Exploring Airtable as an new tool

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I wanted to improve my skills using Airtable and knew that Noah Britton and his company (Thrive.) would have some great training to check out.  Noah has been been running a Web Design agency since 2002, and he teaches other agency owners how to set up effective systems to track and manage their agency data. I follow his postings, sharing and helping others on a regular basis in various Facebook groups so I know that he would have valuable information to offer about Airtable.  I would not be wasting my time in learning the basics of Airtable from Noah. I know that I could do a search for other  trainings on this topic but trust what Noah created would be valuable and helpful. I am sure that you have done a search and get way too many choices to choose from. Since just starting out with Airtable I did not get overwhelmed to start with.

Noah’s paid course is on my training wish list to purchase and is called Agency X-Ray.
(I have work to do before I buy another course but I keep a running list of recommended trainings.)

Agency X-Ray is a comprehensive course teaching agency owners how to set up systems to define and manage their sales process, organize client data, learn their project and lead generation ROI, increase the value of their company, and make better data-driven decisions for their business. 

The course includes a comprehensive Airtable base that you can use as the baseline for organizing your agency. With the knowledge in this course, you’ll be able to build a system that matches your unique business. 




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