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I have a separate site for my recipes and foodie passion. I am working on organizing and putting all of my favorite recipes into an organized food related site called CrossfieldCollection.  If you would like to have access to the recipes that I have developed or modified over the years just send me an email with that request and I’ll grant you access to see what I have published and am working on.

As I get older, I realize that no one would be able to find or follow the system that I have for my collection of recipes.  When family or friends ask for a recipe I can quickly find it and make a copy to give them.   If something were to happen to me there would be no way that anyone could find them.  I never settled on ONE system or ONE method.  I have tried various sizes/types of recipe boxes, hand written index cards, journal notebooks, three ring binders, file folders, scanned originals, multiple cookbooks with page flags, and multiple variations of  alphabetical order lists or lists by date made.

Hoping to change this so that the recipes I developed for local wineries, businesses, family, and friends are not lost.  That college degree in Food and Nutrition, and many years working as a Cooperative Extension Home Economist in Business and Program Leader for the Expanded Food and Nutrition Federal Program (EFNEP) should not be forgotten.  Food and recipe development is still a passion and something that I enjoy very much.  It is such a joy to take dishes to community events and see the enjoyment and pleasure of friends enjoying the dishes I brought to share.

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