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Countdown till Christmas Thoughts

christmas trees with lights



It’s almost Christmas and the end of the 2021 year.

Just returned from a trip to the Post Office with last two gifts that needed to be mailed to special people in my life.

Thinking about what is important and what might be possible in 2022.  Thinking about what has been accomplished and was is still unfinished. Trying to spend some time figuring out what is important and what to change or find alternatives for. Trying to move forward with change.

Change is every where. The digital world has had some serious issues and is going to be in upheaval while things get sorted out for security, privacy, and functionality.  More and more people are not returning to the work world that used to be the norm.  Thinking of all of my knowledge and what will be able to move forward and what needs to be discarded and will be outdated or non-functioning in the coming months.  More kindness is needed and willingness to accept that not everything is the same for everyone. Being different or having a different opinion  is still okay and each person needs to be respected.



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