Coming Up in May 2021- updated

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Coming up in May 2021 will be some changes to how websites are ranked in Google and it will affect most sites.

UPDATED 4/30/21 – This update has been delayed slightly and will not take effect right away but it is coming soon.

Last year, Google announced that they are going to add a new ranking factor to their search algorithm: Core Web Vitals.

This aligns with Google’s dedication to user experience (UX), and ensuring that anyone using Google search will get what they want from the web pages listed on the results page.

But what does that mean to a website owner? or to a web designer or web developer?

I am currently doing quite a bit of research and reading as to what this will mean for the sites that I manage and for questions that will come up with this change.

Right now there seems to be folks who are very concerned about current rankings and other folks who think it comes down to an over reaction to Google’s announcement of the upcoming change.

I think the first thing to do is to understand the terms that are being used so that you can evaluate what it will actually mean and be able to sift thru the recommendations from all over that will result in lots of mixed messages.


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