Buy Me a Coffee

If I have helped you and you would like to “buy me a coffee” or put a coin or bill into my tip jar it would be appreciated.
No obligation at all but every donation or dollar helps me to continue to offer free help to other folks.


Googling for information helps if you know the right words to search for.
Sometimes you just need someone to hold your hand or explain in a different way.
Sometimes just a quick email to an expert helps.
Sometimes there are so many choices or options you just go into overwhelm and don’t get the right answer or get taken in the wrong direction

I can help. I have the knowledge, skills and experience to help.

I offer a block of time to help without charge on a regular basis on first come, first serve basis.  Donations help me to extend the time to help more people.

I know what it is like to not be able to afford to hire someone who can help out when needed for tech support or a quick fix for something. I know what it is like to be just starting out and need a little help or guidance.

You can “buy me a cup of coffee” donation or you can contact me to talk about contracting for services on a short or long term basis.

Disclaimer: This page and this link is not affiliated with the website that goes by the name “BUY ME A COFFEE” which is another business who takes a commission for using their services and has additional features.  This is a personal page on my own website ( and my own personal coding that goes thru the stripe and PayPal accounts associated with my personal business.