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Who I Follow Series

Who I Follow Series  – a series of posts showcasing people/sites that I follow in no particular order or ranking. This series was created in response to a frequently asked question of who I follow for things such as coding, web development, web design, training, and teaching advice.   I thought creating a series of posts would be a good way to respond to this question. Telling WHY I follow a person or site helps folks understand the reasons that I follow them and what my experiences have been.  This is totally just my experience and thoughts. Some of these links may be affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you purchase something from them using my affiliate link.  

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FG with Julie and Cathy
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Follow Series – Julie Stoian & Cathy Olson FunnelGorgeous

I have followed Julie Stoian and Cathy Olson for a long time. These two folks are pure GOLD. They underpromise and over deliver every single time. They are the exception to the list of gurus and experts who are selling services, products and courses in the digital world.  Doing business as FUNNELGORGEOUS as a partnership as well as having separate offerings,  I seem to buy almost everything these two create.  I don’t regret the purchase of anything.  All were top notch.

Julie Stoian is a digital marketing expert and coach, currently making her mark on the internet as the co-founder of several popular online business brands such as Create Your Laptop Life ®, Funnel Gorgeous ®, Digital Insiders, and more.

Cathy Olson is a top notch  graphic designer who is also a digital marketing expert and coach. She is formally trained in digital design and marketing, her designs always deliver and are beautiful. All of her designs come from a place of love.

When you pair these two up it is solid gold for training, funnels, and digital marketing.

If you purchase anything that these two offer you will not be sorry.

Affiliate Link Here 

Past purchased I have made from these two include:

Digital Gangsta course (legacy)
Love Your Laptop Life (original legacy member)
Themes and Funnels – various templates
Slide decks
Logos and graphics

I have learned a lot from these two wonderful humans.

Who I follow series  – a series of people/sites that I follow in no particular order or ranking. This series was created in response to a frequently asked question of who I follow for coding, web development, training, teaching.  I thought creating a series of posts would be a good way to respond to this question. 

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Release of new WordPress version is today

WP 5.8 should roll out today

I will not be updating right away as a huge chunk of the new FSE (Full Site Editing) code is rolling into the core.

I expect we will hear a LOT of screaming about sidebars breaking over this.

That’s why WP released the Classic Widgets plugin months ago, and most of us will need it.

But, if you have the most recent Genesis update of 3.3.4, they fixed it already.

Note: it may take a while to be rolled out to all sites so just hold off complaints and screams until folks have a chance to see what actually changed.

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Brian Gardner
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Follow Series – Who I follow – Brian Gardner

Who I follow series  – a series of people/sites that I follow in no particular order or ranking. This series was created in response to a frequently asked question of who I follow for coding, web development, training, teaching.  I thought creating a series of posts would be a good way to respond to this question. 

I follow Brian Gardner and have for many years. It’s been since 2006-2007 that I first learned his name and what sort of things he created. He is a theme developer and entrepreneur.   Ever since I was first learning how to code and creating those early websites in WordPress I have been impressed with this man. He is certainly someone to follow.

I bought his first themes that were sold under the Revolution brand. I stuck with him as he needed to re=brand and as he grew and created more themes and more off shoots. He really created the revolution in the world of themes and how they were sold. I have followed him thru his re-brand to StudioPress and continue to follow his work as he has branched out in out projects and endeavors.

I think I have bought every one of the themes he ever created. While learning from him I also virtually met a lot of other great WordPress developers along the way from his collaborates and recommendations. I have attempted to model his work but I an no where in his league. I will never be as successful or as well known but that is okay with me.  My life and my goals have certainly changed over time as well as what is important in my life.

He recently announced a new theme called FROST and of course I immediately signed up to be able to get my fingers on his latest theme.  It is a theme that has been developed to take advantage of the block editor in WordPress and offers many features that I have had on my wish list.

Can’t wait for the release of his latest theme which is called FROST.  Demo page is here

Brian Gardner


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Mid summer Changes

It’s now midsummer. Lots of changes will be coming for WordPress with the release of the next version due out very soon. WordPress 5.8 is slated for release on July 20, 2021. 

So I am going thru all of the sites and making sure that all plugins and updates are done and ready for the new version that will be coming.

This article has some of the best information about what’s coming in the release.

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CourseCraft logo
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Course Craft is going to open July 7th to July 14th

Course Craft is a comprehensive training for those who want to transform their knowledge into an online course business or just want to create an extra side income for themselves through selling info-products.

Created by Shane from ThriveThemes as a premium course it is one of the best trainings that I have ever taken. It is only open for enrollment for a short time so don’t wait to sign up.

It contains the essential skills and knowledge and is all that you would need to be able to create a course that you can create an extra side income. It is organized very well and is a great resource.

It has skill builders, case studies, step by step guides and great videos and examples.

Sign up for Course Craft while the cart is still open. It has recently been updated and the cart will close on Wednesday July 14, 2021.




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Flywheel logo

Local by Flywheel is now free for all

“Local by Flywheel” is now free for all.  Flywheel has recently announced that it has upgraded the features that are included in the application they created for working locally on a website. This is great news and will save money for folks who work in a local version of a WordPress site on their computer before migrating to a live site hosting provider.

Before this announcement, July 2021, there was a charge to have the PRO version of the application that had a monthly charge to get all of the features. ,Now all features are free and included.

Local tools and features, including those formerly only available with a paid Local Pro subscription, are now free and available to all Local users. Live Links Pro, Instant Reload, Link Checker, and MagicSync are all now available by default in the Local app and available to use with a free Local account.

In addition to Local Pro for everyone, we’re also launching our Cloud Backups Add-on! This add-on allows users to create secure backups of any project, offering connections to Google Drive and Dropbox. Simply connect your Local account to your cloud storage provider and begin backing up your sites to avoid lost work and easily restore sites to a known state.

Flywheel continues to be one of the sites I include on my recommended list for hosting options.

Note: I have helped many new web designers with install issues over the years. I have heard that some people have difficulty installing Local Pro on their computer. Most times this is due to the actual hardware and settings of the computer.  Sometimes just a change to some of the settings in the BIOS fixes it. I would be glad to troubleshoot if you contact me.  Flywheel has support is also great.





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Coming Soon from Thrive Themes!

Anxiously waiting for the release of updated features for Thrive Themes Apprentice!

The countdown until Absolute Visual Editing Freedom in Thrive Apprentice has started…

On June 30th Thrive Apprentice Is Getting A Massive Update!
It the latest update to the Thrive Themes suite of products.

Been waiting for this to be able to improve on the courses and trainings that are in my archive.

Create pro-looking courses straight from your WordPress dashboard. You can boost your subscribers by quickly creating free online courses as lead magnets, or when used with your membership plugin, create paid courses that integrate seamlessly with the rest of your site.

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question mark

Is it just me?

Is it just me or are other people getting volumes of offensive phishing spammy messages?

It seems like recently I am getting way too many offensive messages every day for having sexual partners and sharing nude pictures of people I have no interest in having any sort of relationship with.

Of course I am blocking these messages and deleting them but it seems that the spammers have found a new trick or two.  I have already blocked the IP addresses of the sources of these messages and reported them to Google. These are very obvious phishing attempts that the sender thinks I am stupid enough to click on.

Some bot or person thinks that I would be interested in or cater to these subjects. They are so WRONG.
I also have seen an increase in the brute force attacks to various sites and my mail filters are working extra hard to deal with these crazy messages. Just wondering if it just me.  Don’t think so but wanted to ask what others are experiencing.


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