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I can’t stress how important having a backup of your site is.  With the amount of hacks and security issues that are out there having a back up of what is important is a “no brainer”.

There are so many choices for making backups of your computer and files.  The best recommendation is to have at least three different sources.

If you are a “digital hoarder” like me and like to keep everything in electronic format it is so important to have a good backup because you never know what might happen.

I trust BackBlaze for keeping my laptop backed up. I have been using them for a couple of years now and I have never been sorry. When I was traveling if something happened to my laptop and I needed that critical presentation for the training that I was teaching I could get a backup/restore really easy on a borrowed computer to be able to keep teaching and working.  They could then ship me a complete backup of all of my files a external hard drive or flash depending on size.  So if I needed to deal with hardware problem when I got home and needed to replace the hard drive on the laptop it was so easy.
BackBlaze also “saved my bacon” a couple of times when doing remote web site work for a customer and needed a backup of the entire site after the site was hacked.  The ISP for this customer did not do daily backups so I could depend on them for a restore version.  Not all web hosting provider handle backups the same way.

I do get credits for referrals to Backblaze. (being transparent)

For each friend I refer to Backblaze, I get a free month of service when you sign up. You get a free month too. If I refer 12 friends and you chose to subscribe I can get Backblaze free for a year!

Please use this link and check it out yourself. Backblaze is worth the subscription cost:

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