August Thoughts

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It is already August.  Don’t really know where the time has gone.  The garden has been producing and has moved to next phase. The green beans, lettuces, herbs, broccoli, pickling cukes are done. The new Rhubarb plants are starting to multiply leaves nicely and the older rhubarb is getting down to the last few young stalks and ready to be mulched for the year. zucchini has been shredded and in the freezer, bread and butter pickles are on the shelf, dill pickles are in the pantry crock, green beans canned.  Homes have been found for the salad cukes and zucchini that piled up. Cherry tomatoes found themselves in a new sauce recipe a couple of times already.  The new food processor has been put to the test in dicing, slicing, chopping and shredding.  The new pressure canner has been put to good use.

The perennial garden has been half weeded from several years of neglect and several day lilies have been uncovered and getting sun again in the oval garden. Maple trees have been cut back from hitting the wires and the house and a dead maple tree removed from the front yard. The pear trees and apple trees are full of fruit and getting bigger every day.

Progress made but still have lots of things to finish and work on.

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