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Are you ready for WordPress 5.9??

backup devices



WordPress 5.9 is slated to land in just a couple of days —on January 25, 2022.

Are you ready?  Have you done backups? Made sure that you have a backup so you could restore a site if you need to.

I have checked that all of my sites allow me to upgrade when I want. I have turned off the auto-update feature so that I can be in control of each site and check as the version is released. There are some big changes in this verison of Word Press. Full Site Editing and block based themes

Not sure how all of your plug-ins will be after the update? Some will be just fine but there are sure to be some that will cause issues becasue they have not been updates.

Having a care plan for you site is important.  If you don’t have one you should.

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