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3 Kinds of Mentors You Never Thought About




How will you grow your business from where you are to where you want to be?

Most successful people find a mentor. They get coaching and get assistance in honing the skills, knowledge and experiences thru a paid situation or thru an internship.

There are three different kinds of mentors that can help.

The Mentor You Know:
This could be a former manager, a colleague, or someone you look up to in your community. Think of someone who will answer your text or meet you for coffee. Ask them to tell you their story, and as you listen, wonder how can you can emulate what they did.

The Mentor You Don’t Know…Yet:
Who is out there doing what you’d like to do and who has a little more than you? Follow them on social media. Subscribe to their mailing list or newsletter. Watch their videos on line. As you learn about them, discover something specific you can model after spending a little time getting to know them starting now.

The¬† Mentor you Won’t Know:
Think of someone from history. Great people have loved, lived and died. They are great to learn from. Choose an icon in your industry, someone you look up to. Find a biography, a documentary, and a website that is about this person and spend about three to five hours learning about him or her. Ask yourself  how did they get from the beginning and how did they get to where they are.



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